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Kim is just like any ordinary housewife on the outside and that’s what appeals about this kind of porn. The idea that she could be your neighbour or someone you could meet in the pub. You never know what people get up to behind closed doors!

Let’s start with a real proper British MILF in the form of the classy Lady Sonia. This lady has been making her own brand of porn since, well since the internet began I think. The Lady Sonia porn site became one of the best known porn sites from the UK over the years. Lady Sonia has always done her own thing but throughout the time she’s been on the web certain themes have remained constant. Namely that she will cheat on her husband at every available opportunity (of which there are many), she very much likes younger men, and she loves having her big tits and nipples played with.

Her latest material shows off her naughty housewife tendencies and allows her to enjoy her reputation as a bit of a cougar, seducing young men and getting into all sorts of dirty situations with strangers. Her porn site has been revamped lately at the same time as her new material was being filmed, although it still has all the archive stuff including the femdom material involving Sonia and various UK pornstars. Now, though, it’s pitched more along the lines of a solo housewife / MILF site in which role she obviously fits very well. And obviously very much enjoys fitting things – and men – into her!

Here we see her having fun with the young gardener while her husband is out.

A posh lady wife in a large country house, seducing the younger gardener? Where have we heard that story before?

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