I’ve got a real hot one for you today! This is Rebecca More and she is the definition of a real British MILF. Once you’ve seen what she gets up to you’ll be wanting more of her for sure! Rebecca was born in December 1978 which puts her in her late thirties at the time of writing. That’s the perfect age for a MILF. One reason many men are attracted to older women is that whereas a man is in his sexual prime at 18, women reach their sexual prime in their thirties.

The other reason to be attracted to a MILF like Rebecca is that women usually get dirtier as they get older. Well this British MILF lists her favourite things as deep throating, gagging, bukkake and sex parties. I think that makes her pretty dirty enough. I doubt that she was into all those things when she was a young woman!

But the dirtiest thing she ever did was probably when she went on a sex tour of the UK in a truck, and invited men to come and fuck her. The tour was filmed for the UK porn channel Television X but caused a lot of controversy at the time. Of course the British press went mental when they covered the story, like the Daily Mirror. Lots of local authorities in the areas she visited wanted to stop the tour. They claimed that it was no more than prostitution. But my guess is, if you’d known there was a hot MILF near you who wanted men to come and fuck her in the back of a truck, you’d have been right there! Am I right?

Now you’ll be wanting to see exactly what I’m talking about, so below are some pictures of Mrs. More.



She’s wearing sexy red stockings and panties and starts taking them off during the photo shoot. Check out the pic of her standing facing away from the camera. Now that is just about the perfect MILF ass! Nice and full and shapely, just the kind of ass you’d love to ride while you ram your cock right up that well-used hole. If you’re a tits man, she’s got that angle covered too – or should I say uncovered. Feast your eyes on her big luscious boobs and imagine banging her ass in the back of that truck. I do hope she goes on tour again soon.