Blonde Milf Michelle Thorne is an army girl

You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan of Michelle Thorne. Yes, I know her tits are made of plastic and she’s only five foot three, but I don’t care. Just look at her! This blonde MILF is made for sex. She loves sex too, which is maybe why she’s been in the porn business for so long and is still going strong. You have to have a pretty open mind about sex to be able to do that.

Now if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that Michelle has her own porn site where she does a lot of the things she likes. But this post is not about that. As I mentioned before, having got herself out of a controlling relationship Michelle Thorne is now able to do some more hardcore stuff and she can choose who she does it with. This means she’s free to meet the likes of Luke Hardy who also has his own porn site . In the clip below Michelle starts out confessing to have lots of fantasies. I’d love to know what those are, wouldn’t you? The start of the clip contains her video submission to Luke Hardy to become his “Command Ho”.

The idea of the “Command Ho” series is for girls to dress up as an army cadet and then Luke trains them. Trains them in how to take a big thick cock that is. Not that Michelle needs any training in that – she’s had 16 years experience of taking big cocks. I do love the way she bends over in her tight denim shorts and shows us her camel toe straight away. If I were Luke I would have pulled them down by now and filled that lush pink hole up. I don’t know how he resisted doing that. I guess that’s the discipline you get from being in the army.

You can tell that Michelle is a fun type of girl to be with. No sooner has Luke told her she has to strip out of her civilian clothes then they’re on the floor and she’s naked. No messing around with this blonde MILF!



Of course Luke Hardy XXX isn’t just about MILFs but he does fuck quite a few of them. If you like Michelle as much as I do but you want to see other sexy Brit girls in action too then go check out his site. It’s got some pretty good stuff to watch.

It’s that Michelle Thorne again!

What does she think she looks like? With her tiny skimpy little mini skirt, barely hiding that little pink thong underneath, and a top that’s struggling to hold her boobs in?

She sucking on a pink lollipop too – and what message do you think that is meant to be sending? Yeah that’s it, she wants it to be your lollipop she’s putting her sexy lips around. Well let me tell you I wouldn’t be the last in the queue for that!

You only have to take a look at the pics in this gallery for all sorts of things to come to mind about Michelle. Like, what would the lollipop taste like if you pushed it into her pink twat first? In fact you might want to leave the lollipop part out and just go straight to tasting her twat. She makes it easy to imagine doing that because she obligingly spreads her other lips open for you as if she’s inviting you in.

Looking at what she’s doing it’s possible she already tried the lollipop in her pussy and found it wasn’t big enough. So she went and found a nice big pink dildo and shoved that up there instead. There’s definitely a pink theme going on here.

Pink isn’t usually a color you find MILFs wearing but Michelle seems to be able to pull it off. She still has that kind of bubbly, curvy, bouncy appeal of a younger girl.  I guess that’s why she’s all dressed up as a teen here. She’s one of the few MILFs who can still do this so let’s hope she keeps doing hardcore porn for a while longer. With a body like hers, why shouldn’t she?



If you like the taste of these pics you could do a lot worse than check out Michelle’s site here .

I thought it was time we had another look at what Michelle Thorne has been up to. What I mean by that is that I thought it was time we had another look at Michelle Thorne’s shapely assets. Well any excuse is a good one, right? If you go to Michelle’s website you will see that it’s quite aptly named as she spends most of the time exposing herself to the camera. She really does seem to like playing with all her bits and you can’t really blame her. If you had tits like hers you probably wouldn’t bother getting out of bed would you?

I wanted to show you a few pics of Michelle playing with putting a dildo up herself on the staircase. My guess is she wanted to go upstairs into the bedroom to do it but just couldn’t wait and the stairs was as far as she got. You can see what I mean about Michelle exposing herself here. Something you should know about Michelle Thorne if you didn’t already is that she enjoys sex in every hole. And having been in the porn business for quite some time, it means she’s had a lot of cocks in each of them in her time. That fact becomes clear when she spreads her ass cheeks apart like she does here. You can see that both her pussy and ass have been very well used indeed!

So if you want to know which MILFs are the dirty ones with plenty of experience, just take a look at those holes. That pussy and asshole are both made for fucking. There’s be no problem sliding in there, and even giving her a double penetration (which she has done plenty of times). That is why we love MILFs so much. They have the experience young women don’t, and they know exactly what they want. And they’re not shy about getting it.

Check out the pics below and just imagine if you could find a MILF like this. A perfect body for sex and both holes ready to take a good pounding.



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There are lots of ways I could have described Michelle Thorne besides “Porn Starlet”. Blonde bombshell. Hot MILF. Sex on legs. You get my drift! She’s probably one of the best known names in British porn and has been in the industry for many years. Michelle started way back in 1999 and she’s worked with most of the well known British porn producers since then.

And now that she’s turned 40 she’s a MILF! She still does porn you’ll be glad to hear, and she has her own little porn site now. So what else can I tell you about her? Well at 5 feet 3 inches she’s not exactly tall, but that just adds to her sexy bubbly appeal. You get the impression that you could just pick up this happy bundle of sex and have her any way you’d like. She would enjoy that too as she has a pretty dirty mind and is up for just about anything.

Just so you can see what I mean, here are some pics of her smoking a cigarette whilst sucking her boyfriend’s dick.

You can see she’s still a very sexy girl even now. You definitely still would, wouldn’t you?

One of the problems that often happens when pornstars get a serious boyfriend is that the boyfriend tries to control what they can do. This leads some girls to start to limit what kinds of porn movies they appear in, and what they do in them. Lately Michelle would only work with her latest boyfriend in her videos, at his request. For better or for worse, she is no longer with him as he’s been jailed for assaulting her and threatening to kill her. What a nice guy.

So could we see Michelle starting to do some dirtier stuff again, with other male porn actors? That remains to be seen but whether she does or not, there’s plenty of video footage of this British porn MILF doing really dirty stuff. I’ll aim to show you as much of it as I can find right here on this blog.