Blonde Milf Michelle Thorne is an army girl

You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan of Michelle Thorne. Yes, I know her tits are made of plastic and she’s only five foot three, but I don’t care. Just look at her! This blonde MILF is made for sex. She loves sex too, which is maybe why she’s been in the porn business for so long and is still going strong. You have to have a pretty open mind about sex to be able to do that.

Now if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that Michelle has her own porn site where she does a lot of the things she likes. But this post is not about that. As I mentioned before, having got herself out of a controlling relationship Michelle Thorne is now able to do some more hardcore stuff and she can choose who she does it with. This means she’s free to meet the likes of Luke Hardy who also has his own porn site . In the clip below Michelle starts out confessing to have lots of fantasies. I’d love to know what those are, wouldn’t you? The start of the clip contains her video submission to Luke Hardy to become his “Command Ho”.

The idea of the “Command Ho” series is for girls to dress up as an army cadet and then Luke trains them. Trains them in how to take a big thick cock that is. Not that Michelle needs any training in that – she’s had 16 years experience of taking big cocks. I do love the way she bends over in her tight denim shorts and shows us her camel toe straight away. If I were Luke I would have pulled them down by now and filled that lush pink hole up. I don’t know how he resisted doing that. I guess that’s the discipline you get from being in the army.

You can tell that Michelle is a fun type of girl to be with. No sooner has Luke told her she has to strip out of her civilian clothes then they’re on the floor and she’s naked. No messing around with this blonde MILF!



Of course Luke Hardy XXX isn’t just about MILFs but he does fuck quite a few of them. If you like Michelle as much as I do but you want to see other sexy Brit girls in action too then go check out his site. It’s got some pretty good stuff to watch.