Tia Layne British Milf from Liverpool

I’m going to tell you about one of the hottest Milfs in British porn today. She’s from Liverpool, she’s blonde (usually), she’s very fit and her name is Tia Layne. This total babe is pretty petite at only 5 feet 4 inches but she packs a whole load of sexy into that little body. She’s 36 and has been doing porn since about 2008 when she was 26. As far as I know she still shoots new scenes so there will be plenty of footage of her for us to look at.

What else can I tell you about her? Well she has a little tattoo above her left boob, she sometimes goes by the name Nicola, and her hair is usually blonde but sometimes you’ll see it dyed black. Personally I prefer it blonde. I’ve no idea what colour it is naturally though. Anyway now that you know something about her let’s see her in action.

This is a scene she did for Private recently. Private features quite a few British girls including other Milfs so I’ll probably be posting other clips from their stuff. Tia comes home wearing her high heels and a pretty skimpy dress which her 32DD boobs fall out of straight away. All she has on underneath is a pair of little pink panties. She swiftly pulls those aside because she needs to finger her wet Milf pussy.

Now her toyboy enters the scene. You knew a sexy Milf like Tia Layne would have a toyboy didn’t you? She only wants one thing from him and that is a nice stiff cock to slide inside her. Notice how easy it is to get her into lots of different sexual positions. That’s the advantage of being so small I guess. Small, fit Milfs with big boobs – we love them all! Here’s the vid:



Her toyboy ends up pulling out and cumming all over her tummy. I think I would be tempted to creampie her if I ever got the chance and I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Well why waste something you worked so hard for?

Anyway check out Private Milfs to see more and in the meantime I’m going to try and find more of sexy Tia to post here.

Amateur wife Bo from Suburban Wives

It seems like a lot of you like the Suburban Wives stuff so I thought I’d post another video clip up. This if you remember is the site where an ordinary guy called James goes around looking for amateur wives who want to do porn videos with him. Many of these are proper MILFs and therefore they fit right in here.

So this is a lady by the name of Bo. We don’t know any other name for her as of course she’s just an ordinary amateur wife who probably doesn’t want everybody to know exactly who she is. What we do know is that she is from Hertfordshire in England and is in her mid-forties. She had always been into porn and always had a secret desire to be in a porn movie. She finally got the chance to do that after she got divorced and then met James. The clip below is just a sample of what happened when they got together.

You can tell straight away that this woman has all the experience you’d expect of a hot MILF. She may be an amateur when it comes to porn but she certainly knows her way around a cock. Letting her nice ample boobs rest on James’ leg she sucks the top of his cock while stroking his balls. That’s good enough to get any man hard!  You know, that’s the difference between a MILF and a younger girl. You don’t have to tell the older woman what to do – she already knows how to get you rock hard ready for her.

This is proved by what Bo does next. She slides James’ cock between her soft tits while licking the tip at the same time. I don’t know how he managed not to explode at that point. She remarks that she can hear his heart pounding! I’m not surprised by that at all. But of course we are all interested in the pounding she is about to get from James.



You’ll have to go into the members area to see that because that’s as far as this clip goes. But if you do you can enjoy watching James return the favour and get a taste of Bo’s pussy before she climbs on top of him and then he fucks her doggy style in the full 33 minute video. Of course she’s only one of the amateur wives James fucks in Suburban Wives. I will ring you some more clips of the others very soon. In the meantime click here to visit Suburban Wives .

Oh boy have I got a good update for you today. Not one but two busty MILFs. Remember I introduced a lady called Red XXX who was being munched on by Lady Sonia? Well here she is again with another friend called Lucy whose boobs are just bursting out of her top.

Man those titties just need to be unleashed! Free them ladies!

Lucy has come round to see how Red is getting on with the baking. Well Red hasn’t been doing any because she found it was much more fun to use the kitchen surface to stick a giant dildo onto. This immediately gets Lucy’s attention and she has to try it out of course. This is the sort of thing that goes on in kitchens, trust me. That’s why MILFs love spending so much time there but never seem to get anything done. They’re too busy doing themselves with big dildos.

Anyway just about the first thing Lucy does is wraps her titties around the dildo to see how they fit. Red can’t resist a cheeky little taste of a nipple. From there on in it just gets naughtier and naughtier. Trying out the dildo in her pussy must be thirsty work for Lucy because Red hands her a bottle of wine. Having emptied it she finds another use for it and yep – up her pussy it goes. Thus confirming your suspicions that horny MILFs will use any opportunity they can get to put whatever objects they can find up there.



Now that Lucy has got her pussy all wet with wine there’s only really one way to clean it up and that’s with Red’s tongue. It’s a novel way of drinking wine I guess but one that Red has probably tried before. That just seems to make the girls hungry but since Red hasn’t baked any food it’s pussy eating time instead.

Finally out come those titties! I’d love to see what happens now that they are unleashed but this clip doesn’t go that far. Still, if this is the sort of thing Red gets up to then I think I’ll look for some more of her stuff to post up. She is one sex crazed lady!

Click here to see more Red XXX