Hot porn MILF Lara Latex

There’s one lady who really should have been featured on this blog right from the start. She is Lara Latex and she’s what you would call a proper porn MILF. Lara is the epitome of the strong, tall, sexy English hot wife. Yes gents, I’m afraid she is someone’s wife and that lucky chap happens to be Jim Slip the British porn producer you may have heard of. Jim filmed a lot of scenes for his own porn site and guess who was often holding the camera for him? Yep, his faithful wife Lara.

Actually I call her faithful but many people wouldn’t regard what she does as being faithful because she will fuck all sorts of people right in front of her husband, male or female (or preferably both at the same time). You see, Lara has her own website too. Now if you’re paying attention you may start thinking that her website will be all about her wearing kinky latex because that’s her name, right? But you’d be wrong because although that is her nickname she really isn’t that much into latex at all. In fact no-one really knows why she got that name, not even Lara herself.

What she is into though is wearing stockings and heels. She has a huge wardrobe full of different outfits that she carefully puts on just so she can take them off again. Taking her clothes off is only ever the start of getting naughty for this porn MILF though. Oh yes, Lara really is into all things filthy. God how I wish all women were like her!

Lara loves lesbian fun, she loves anal sex, she loves double penetration and she loves getting a cream pie in either hole. When you find a woman who is so open minded, she is usually not that hot looking, but Lara definitely is. Just take a look at those thighs. Those tits! That ass! Fortunately Lara is not shy about showing any of it off to us.

One of her trade mark looks is the short mini skirt, fishnet stockings and thigh boots, which is just what we’ve got here. Although she is showing off pretty much everything she’s got in these pictures this is pretty tame by her standards. Next time I feature Lara Latex here I’ll try and bring you some pics of her taking cum in one or other of those glorious holes between her legs. Until then just try and imagine what that would be like, or you could always visit her site to find out. It’s called Lara’s Playground.