Michelle is your Pink Lollypop Girl

It’s that Michelle Thorne again!

What does she think she looks like? With her tiny skimpy little mini skirt, barely hiding that little pink thong underneath, and a top that’s struggling to hold her boobs in?

She sucking on a pink lollipop too – and what message do you think that is meant to be sending? Yeah that’s it, she wants it to be your lollipop she’s putting her sexy lips around. Well let me tell you I wouldn’t be the last in the queue for that!

You only have to take a look at the pics in this gallery for all sorts of things to come to mind about Michelle. Like, what would the lollipop taste like if you pushed it into her pink twat first? In fact you might want to leave the lollipop part out and just go straight to tasting her twat. She makes it easy to imagine doing that because she obligingly spreads her other lips open for you as if she’s inviting you in.

Looking at what she’s doing it’s possible she already tried the lollipop in her pussy and found it wasn’t big enough. So she went and found a nice big pink dildo and shoved that up there instead. There’s definitely a pink theme going on here.

Pink isn’t usually a color you find MILFs wearing but Michelle seems to be able to pull it off. She still has that kind of bubbly, curvy, bouncy appeal of a younger girl.  I guess that’s why she’s all dressed up as a teen here. She’s one of the few MILFs who can still do this so let’s hope she keeps doing hardcore porn for a while longer. With a body like hers, why shouldn’t she?



If you like the taste of these pics you could do a lot worse than check out Michelle’s site here .