I have to tell you some bad news.

Okay that’s not true, I don’t have to tell you. But if I don’t then this post won’t have much point to it so here is the news brought to you by BritishPornMilfs.

Lana Cox has closed her site LeggyLana.com for a reason I am not at liberty to divulge (because I don’t know what it is). The straight up fact is it wasn’t being updated and she no longer wanted to run it, so it is gone. Finished. Finito. Kaput.

If you try to go there now you will be redirected to another website which is TantricDesires.com which does actually have Lana on it, but now she’s doing some sort of tantric massage service instead. Well good luck to her, I hope that goes well. In the meantime I’ve gratuitously stolen the above pic from her Twitter account so you can have one last look at that shapely figure. She does still post more pics like this on her Twitter account which is here.

Now, on with the search for more MILFs…