I came a cross a website I’d not seen before the other day. I don’t mean I came across it, I mean I found it while browsing around, as you do, and thought it would fit well on this blog. This scene features another British MILF I’m going to introduce – Holly Kiss. Although having said that I’m not absolutely 100% sure she is a MILF. Of course she qualifies for the “ILF” part, but it’s the “M” I’m not sure about. That stands for “Mother” as I’m sure you know, but to be a mother you have to have one or more kids and I have to confess I don’t know for sure if Holly is blessed with any. What she is blessed with though are a pair of fulsome breasts with little pink nips like puppies’ noses, and a round shapely arse that you would just love to grab hold of and sink your pole into the middle of. So as far as I’m concerned she deserves a place on this blog.

Holly Kiss is into all sorts of naughtiness. You’ll find her going dogging, getting her face soaked in cum, flashing her pussy outdoors, and lots more. But what has she got herself into here? Well this scene is from a site called Milf Versus Machine . You know, it strikes me that men are always inventing machines to make women’s lives easier. They have things like dishwashers, food mixers, and so on, and now they even have machines to help them cum. So this isn’t really a MILF versus a machine. It’s more like a MILF and a machine work together to achieve sexual pleasure.

The only thing is, she’s in a cage, so she couldn’t escape if she wanted to. Although since this machine seems to be getting her pink pussy all wet and juicy she probably doesn’t want to.



As you can see it’s a type of fucking machine which simply forces a fat dildo in and out of her pussy. Knowing that she can’t get away and submitting to being fucked relentlessly by this machine must be an interesting sensation. For us guys there is a certain dominant pleasure in watching a woman being forced to orgasm especially when she’s hot like Holly. If you get turned on by that thought maybe you should visit Milf Versus Machine .