Robyn Ryder

I came across a really interesting little porn site a while ago. It’s called UK Pussy Talk and although it’s been around quite a while you may not have heard of it before. Well you have now. Aren’t you glad you came here? The point of this UK porn site is to show you some dirty porn of course, but there’s more to it than that. Each of the women featured has a little interview first, where they talk about themselves and their porn career. Hence the name UK Pussy Talk. You thought it actually had talking pussies in it didn’t you? Go on, admit it! The interview I’m featuring here is one with a proper old school British MILF, Robyn Ryder.

I have to admit I don’t really know much about Robyn Ryder. She has a page at FreeOnes here: . FreeOnes is an excellent resource if you ever want to know anything about a particular porn star by the way. If you can find a porn star they don’t have listed, she will probably be either very new or very obscure. Robyn Ryder is certainly not new, this interview having been recorded several years ago. The FreeOnes page suggests that she is still active in the porn industry though, so if anyone out there knows of anything she’s done recently, please feel free to comment below.

From what I can gather, you’re most likely to see Robyn involved in a bukkake porn scene. If I can find any of that, I’ll certainly try to post it up on here. Of course the clip below is only a little sample of her interview. She doesn’t reveal too much about herself, but she does reveal her big heavy tits. These are the tits that collect quite a lot of jizz in those bukkake scenes she does, presumably. At the end of the clip she starts to reveal her snatch, but you will have to join the site to see that.

Like I said, UK Pussy Talk is a great little porn site to get some inside knowledge on your favourite porn stars, MILFs or otherwise. Click here to visit UK Pussy Talk