I thought it was time we had another look at what Michelle Thorne has been up to. What I mean by that is that I thought it was time we had another look at Michelle Thorne’s shapely assets. Well any excuse is a good one, right? If you go to Michelle’s website you will see that it’s quite aptly named as she spends most of the time exposing herself to the camera. She really does seem to like playing with all her bits and you can’t really blame her. If you had tits like hers you probably wouldn’t bother getting out of bed would you?

I wanted to show you a few pics of Michelle playing with putting a dildo up herself on the staircase. My guess is she wanted to go upstairs into the bedroom to do it but just couldn’t wait and the stairs was as far as she got. You can see what I mean about Michelle exposing herself here. Something you should know about Michelle Thorne if you didn’t already is that she enjoys sex in every hole. And having been in the porn business for quite some time, it means she’s had a lot of cocks in each of them in her time. That fact becomes clear when she spreads her ass cheeks apart like she does here. You can see that both her pussy and ass have been very well used indeed!

So if you want to know which MILFs are the dirty ones with plenty of experience, just take a look at those holes. That pussy and asshole are both made for fucking. There’s be no problem sliding in there, and even giving her a double penetration (which she has done plenty of times). That is why we love MILFs so much. They have the experience young women don’t, and they know exactly what they want. And they’re not shy about getting it.

Check out the pics below and just imagine if you could find a MILF like this. A perfect body for sex and both holes ready to take a good pounding.



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Amateur MILF Frankie

Let me tell you all about a guy called James. Just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job driving a truck. Until one day, when he thought “I know, why don’t I start a porn site?” So he did. He got a camera and paid ordinary housewives to let him fuck them while he filmed it, and Suburban Wives is the result. James managed to fuck and film tons of women for his porn site. Among them are some UK pornstars in their early careers, and some housewives doing porn for the first time such as the amateur MILF you see here by the name of Frankie.

Not much is known about Frankie apart from that she’s definitely a hot MILF. She appeared in a documentary on Channel 4 the UK TV channel called “Diary of a Porn Star” and went on to do a few porn films including one for the UK Road Trips series with Super Mario. But you can see her in the clip below getting ready to ride on James’ large cock after she has sucked his balls. You can tell she knows what she’s doing when it comes to sex. As she unzips James’ trousers and pulls them off, his cock springs up in front of her already rock hard. In no time at all she has her tongue around the base of his cock teasing him until he can’t wait to get inside her and fill her with his cum. And that’s just in the first minute!

James went on to film himself with a lot of women all over the UK. Some were more well known than others, such as Emma Butt, Masie Dee and Cleo Summers. Not all of these girls are actually “wives” of course, but I’m sure you can overlook that!


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Busty MILF Danica Collins

I can’t really talk about British porn MILFs without telling you about Danica Collins. This busty MILF was born in 1965 and was a successful glamour model well into her forties. Under her real name “Donna Ambrose” she started stripping and modelling in her teens. She went from that to appearing as a Page 3 model in the Sun newspaper and in various men’s magazines. Danica’s 34F tits have made her a popular model all through her career until she stopped working a couple of years ago.

Fortunately for those of us who enjoy seeing a busty MILF get her tits out on display, she has her own porn site Just Danica. As you might have guessed from the name, it pretty much just features Danica on her own. There’s not really much if any hardcore content on this website. You do get to see those fantastic boobs a lot though! She gets them out at every available opportunity.

Here’s one such opportunity. Her car has broken down – a classic damsel in distress situation. So what does she do? Well to try and attract the attention of some passing white knight she gets her big tits out and plays with them. Danica has lifted up the bonnet of the car to see if she can find out what’s wrong but then decides she would be better off lifting up her skirt instead to give us a view of her stocking clad legs. Well still no-one has turned up to rescue this poor MILF so off come the little red panties. Now with that gorgeous hairy biff on display along with her ample tits, what self respecting red blooded man is going to resist sorting her out (and her car too)?



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Lady Sonia and Red XXX

I’ve got not one, but two British MILFs for you today. I’ve already introduced Lady Sonia and now here she is with her friend Red. I don’t think that’s her real name, but she only seems to be known as Red XXX so that’s what I’ll call her for now. Red has her own website just like Lady Sonia, which you can find right here . She generally does all the naughty things you’d expect of a redhead, as well as wearing a lot of kinky PVC and leather outfits.

She also likes sex with other women, such as Lady Sonia. These two sexy ladies met up for a photo shoot, which just happened to be in Sonia’s bedroom. As you might expect when you leave two sex hungry girls like these two alone together, things happened. Fortunately it was all captured on video for us to watch, and I’ve got a clip of it to show you below.

There’s no mistaking why Red gets her name, with her red hair, red shoes and bright red lipstick. As things start to heat up, other bits of her start to turn red too. Like her nipples and her pussy lips. You can also see that Red XXX likes to play the “bottom” or submissive role, as Sonia dominates her,. Pushing her big tits into Red’s face so she can suck on her nipples. Writhing their bodies together to make themselves feel hot. Next Sonia starts to play with Red’s pussy through her panties.

You can tell that Red really wants her pink pussy hole to be used and abused as she spreads her legs wide apart to let Sonia get in between them. Before long Sonia gives her what she wants and fingers her wet cunt hard. Her expert technique brings Red to a climax. That’s just a taste of the action these two MILFs get up to.


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