Today’s British porn MILF is not actually British. She comes from Russia originally and she’s known as Lana Cox. She is well educated having gained a degree in linguistics in her home country and moved to the UK to work as an interpreter. However, after moving here she ended up becoming a Page 3 girl and glamour model. Finding that she enjoyed this lifestyle much more, Lana has ended up being in her own porn site. It’s called Leggy Lana – an apt name since, although she’s not overly tall at 5 feet 6 inches, she certainly has a decent pair of legs and likes showing them off. If you’re a nylons fan you’ll like this because a lot of the photo shoots show Lana in stockings or pantyhose.

What else can you expect to find on Lana’s porn site? Well it’s all about that glamorous MILF look, the slender body and shapely legs. Most of the time she’s on her own doing solo scenes, but there is some girl-on-girl content too. Lana doesn’t do much hardcore boy-girl stuff, at least not here. No, this site is aimed at those of us who like to see a feminine figure in various sexy outfits – and out of them too of course! I can tell you that along with nylons she also has a thing for wearing leather. Feet fans will also find her giving the occasional foot job too.

Well by now you probably want to get a good look at this British-Russian MILF I’m talking about. So here she is, wearing a very skimpy red dress and red knickers outdoors in the sunshine. Being outdoors makes her horny so she gets out a glass dildo and pleasures herself. In the process of course, we get a nice view of her sweet ass and neat open pussy.



Now that’s what I call a MILF! Perfect legs and ass, a lush pair of titties and glamorous blonde looks. And the fact that she’s Russian just makes her even more exotic. A sexy Russian accent would just top the whole package off. Click here to visit Lana Cox’s website.

I’ve got a real hot one for you today! This is Rebecca More and she is the definition of a real British MILF. Once you’ve seen what she gets up to you’ll be wanting more of her for sure! Rebecca was born in December 1978 which puts her in her late thirties at the time of writing. That’s the perfect age for a MILF. One reason many men are attracted to older women is that whereas a man is in his sexual prime at 18, women reach their sexual prime in their thirties.

The other reason to be attracted to a MILF like Rebecca is that women usually get dirtier as they get older. Well this British MILF lists her favourite things as deep throating, gagging, bukkake and sex parties. I think that makes her pretty dirty enough. I doubt that she was into all those things when she was a young woman!

But the dirtiest thing she ever did was probably when she went on a sex tour of the UK in a truck, and invited men to come and fuck her. The tour was filmed for the UK porn channel Television X but caused a lot of controversy at the time. Of course the British press went mental when they covered the story, like the Daily Mirror. Lots of local authorities in the areas she visited wanted to stop the tour. They claimed that it was no more than prostitution. But my guess is, if you’d known there was a hot MILF near you who wanted men to come and fuck her in the back of a truck, you’d have been right there! Am I right?

Now you’ll be wanting to see exactly what I’m talking about, so below are some pictures of Mrs. More.



She’s wearing sexy red stockings and panties and starts taking them off during the photo shoot. Check out the pic of her standing facing away from the camera. Now that is just about the perfect MILF ass! Nice and full and shapely, just the kind of ass you’d love to ride while you ram your cock right up that well-used hole. If you’re a tits man, she’s got that angle covered too – or should I say uncovered. Feast your eyes on her big luscious boobs and imagine banging her ass in the back of that truck. I do hope she goes on tour again soon.


There are lots of ways I could have described Michelle Thorne besides “Porn Starlet”. Blonde bombshell. Hot MILF. Sex on legs. You get my drift! She’s probably one of the best known names in British porn and has been in the industry for many years. Michelle started way back in 1999 and she’s worked with most of the well known British porn producers since then.

And now that she’s turned 40 she’s a MILF! She still does porn you’ll be glad to hear, and she has her own little porn site now. So what else can I tell you about her? Well at 5 feet 3 inches she’s not exactly tall, but that just adds to her sexy bubbly appeal. You get the impression that you could just pick up this happy bundle of sex and have her any way you’d like. She would enjoy that too as she has a pretty dirty mind and is up for just about anything.

Just so you can see what I mean, here are some pics of her smoking a cigarette whilst sucking her boyfriend’s dick.

You can see she’s still a very sexy girl even now. You definitely still would, wouldn’t you?

One of the problems that often happens when pornstars get a serious boyfriend is that the boyfriend tries to control what they can do. This leads some girls to start to limit what kinds of porn movies they appear in, and what they do in them. Lately Michelle would only work with her latest boyfriend in her videos, at his request. For better or for worse, she is no longer with him as he’s been jailed for assaulting her and threatening to kill her. What a nice guy.

So could we see Michelle starting to do some dirtier stuff again, with other male porn actors? That remains to be seen but whether she does or not, there’s plenty of video footage of this British porn MILF doing really dirty stuff. I’ll aim to show you as much of it as I can find right here on this blog.

Hello again! This update is all about a lady called Kim from Essex in England. Well I say lady but she doesn’t act like one. In fact Kim is more of a GILF than a MILF, a real sex craved amateur granny! She’s heavily into the swinging scene and her homemade porno movies have been on the web for years.

When it comes to sex this woman does it all. Gangbangs, lesbian sex, wife swapping, anal, dp, everything you can think of. If you’re after some proper amateur granny porn, Kim’s website simply called Kim’s Amateurs is one you should take a look at. It’s got years worth of porn movies, all of it proper amateur stuff filmed mostly by Kim herself and just featuring herself and her friends having sex. No pornstars, no fake stuff, just real sex – the kind that real dirty women like Kim have behind closed doors.

Actually on the subject of closed doors, sometimes Kim has group sex sessions behind the closed doors of a certain pub in Essex. She can do this because she owns the pub! There is actually footage of her and her friends having sex in the pub whilst some of the guys at the bar are still drinking their drinks! Well what better way to enjoy an evening with friends? Get drunk with them and then shag them without even having to take them home – why not?


To give you some idea of what this dirty old granny is like, here’s a free video clip of her.  You can watch her getting a shag on one of the pool tables in her pub and then being spit roasted by two old guys. This is just what she’s like in all her videos – just raw sex with no acting.

Kim is just like any ordinary housewife on the outside and that’s what appeals about this kind of porn. The idea that she could be your neighbour or someone you could meet in the pub. You never know what people get up to behind closed doors!

Let’s start with a real proper British MILF in the form of the classy Lady Sonia. This lady has been making her own brand of porn since, well since the internet began I think. The Lady Sonia porn site became one of the best known porn sites from the UK over the years. Lady Sonia has always done her own thing but throughout the time she’s been on the web certain themes have remained constant. Namely that she will cheat on her husband at every available opportunity (of which there are many), she very much likes younger men, and she loves having her big tits and nipples played with.

Her latest material shows off her naughty housewife tendencies and allows her to enjoy her reputation as a bit of a cougar, seducing young men and getting into all sorts of dirty situations with strangers. Her porn site has been revamped lately at the same time as her new material was being filmed, although it still has all the archive stuff including the femdom material involving Sonia and various UK pornstars. Now, though, it’s pitched more along the lines of a solo housewife / MILF site in which role she obviously fits very well. And obviously very much enjoys fitting things – and men – into her!

Here we see her having fun with the young gardener while her husband is out.

A posh lady wife in a large country house, seducing the younger gardener? Where have we heard that story before?

You can see more of Lady Sonia and her cheating wife antics on her site here .